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Spring Replacement

Garage Door springs replacement is a very important issue. There are many times when your Garage Door springs gets damaged during a rigorous routine. In such a time you cannot really go to a specialist and ask it to come. Further, you cannot stay with it all the time and supervise him. Calling the technician to your home is surely a very difficult thing to do in the described circumstances. Knowing the procedure of fixing the door yourself in surely a blessing. If you know how to replace them, you will not have to wait for anything.  Here are some tips and advice that you must know before fixing the Garage Door springs.

Getting to know your previous spring

Before doing anything, you must get familiar with the physical properties of the spring. If you don’t know the exact dimensions of the Garage Door springs, you will be able to buy the appropriate spring for your task. You must measure the length, width and even diameters of the previous spring. Of course, you will have to buy a new one, in order to get the identical spring you must specify the store keeper by these measurements.

Buy what you need

Go to the hardware market after this and buy whatever is required in the procedure.  Go to the shop to purchase the Garage Door springs that will be specified by the measurements. Furthermore, go to the hardware device to purchase the hardware tool that is required in this procedure. You may want to buy screwdrivers, ladder, oil, springs, pliers, and wrenches. These equipments must be purchased after practicing precautionary measures so that you get the best equipment.

Installing the new spring prepared

  • Following are the steps to get your Garage Door springs replaced.
  • First, compare the new and old spring. They must be identical, having the same dimensions and shape.
  • The windings of the old spring are to be counted. The new spring is then winded the same. This happens to be the most crucial part of the procedure. A single mistake will cause uneven spring alignment.
  • Lose the older spring from the assembly. This is done by using wrenches. Wrenches lose the springs. They also lose the shaft drums to open up the complete assembly.
  • The new spring, after complete winding, is then placed in the spring area.
  • They get fixed using wrenches.
  • The springs are then attached to the wire that transfers the energy when the door is opened.
  • The shaft drum is again placed in its area. Wrenches once again play their important part.
  • Wrenches fix the whole assembly after dismantling it.

You must be really careful while changing the spring of the garage door. It is a dangerous procedure that involves dealing with high tension. The door, if not properly fixed, can fall on you causing serious injury and medical complexities. Practicing all precautionary measurements are a must in this field or it can lead to some dangerous results. Concluding all, DIY is a good idea, but must be implemented with great care.