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Types of Garage Door springs to know about

A garage door spring is a tool that helps you to lift the garage door easily. It makes the garage light and also helps the garage door opener to work comfortably. Now, it is true that if you have a garage in your house, then it is obvious that you need Garage Door springs to operate the doors of the garage properly.

There are several kinds of door springs are available in the market, but the garage owners use two most common and popular categories of Garage Door springs.

These are

  • Extension spring
  • Torsion spring

About the Garage Door springs:

Extension spring: Extension Spring is very common for the residential garage. Most of the times it is used for the domestic purpose. This spring is placed on the upper horizontal tracks of the garage door. Actually, it is placed on both sides of the door. The spring works on the counterbalancing force. This spring supports the door at the time of opening the door. With the counterbalancing force, the garage door spring extends to help the door to move and to open very easily.

With the increasing force, the spring extends more. That means if you apply extra force, then the extension of the spring will increase. A safety cable is one important feature of the extension spring. Extension springs should be attached to the safety cables. Safety cable helps the spring to work securely. Many times the extension spring fails to work properly, but safety cable helps to prevent any kind of unwanted situations. Now safety cable is a must for the extension spring.

Torsion Spring: Torsion spring is different from the extension spring. One key feature of this spring is the existence of the torque. Torque helps to open the garage door properly. Torsion spring works slowly. It puts pressure on the shaft of the door. The spring works properly when an external force is applied properly. You can find several kinds of torsion springs. There are torsion springs with different sizes and lengths; which one is applicable for which garage door depends on the length and size of the garage door. Also, the weight of the garage door is a key point to consider which torsion spring is good for the door.

The above discussion reveals how the two popular Garage Door springs work. There are some basic differences between the two springs. Extension springs are cheaper, and so, most garage owners prefer it for the domestic use. On the other hand, torsion spring has more durability compared to the extension spring, and it can carry more weight than the extension spring. That means torsion spring can carry extra weight. Even torsion spring provides better balancing condition. And it is expensive compared to the extension spring.

Remember, both spring is good, but it is better to consult a professional expert before installing a garage door spring because it increases the efficiency of the garage door mechanism. So select the best suitable spring for your garage door.